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About Us

In the 1950’s James “Mike” Adkins founded Adkins Auto Parts and jumped into the automobile salvage business. The business was ran by several of his sons after he decided to retire to Kentucky, also several of his grandchildren picked up the business for awhile. In 2008, Chuck Adkins took over the business and is developing the business into a modern day auto recycling salvage yard. Gone are the days of the “junkyard” way of doing things. Today's modern recycling/salvage yard handles all fluids and materials properly, ensuring a safer future. Recycling used auto parts such as engines, transmission, drive axles, fenders, bumpers, glass, batteries, radiators, etc.... saves customers money, saves the environment, and saves resources. Chuck, at Adkins Auto Salvage, is an ASE Certified parts counter and ASE Certified automotive technician with over 30 years experience. Adkins Auto Salvage uses the latest in “state of the art” diagnostic equipment to find the problem of any vehicle, foreign or domestic. Adkins Auto Salvage sells its customers guaranteed used auto parts, new auto parts, and has the ability to install the parts, keeping your vehicle running for less. Adkins Auto Salvage also has a locator service for those hard to find parts and ships parts all over the USA. For the local repair shops, Adkins Auto Salvage offers a delivery service on a daily basis in the Greater Dayton Area.